RAYSYSTEM www.raysystem.bg Raysistem Ltd. is a trading and engineering company specializing in hydraulics, hydraulic drive and high energy-efficient drives industrial and battery power. Produces a wide range of CNC machined seals /Seal Maker Austria/. Designs and manufactures mini power packs, hydraulic systems and complex systems mobile machinery and industrial equipment. Made electric direction controls PLC drives and hydraulic drives. Performs defective and repair of hydraulic components and assemblies. Offers diagnosis and repair of hydraulic equipment. Offers a wide range of hydraulic products: Gear and piston pumps Sectional, and monoblock form electromagnetic valves Valve-control gear hydraulic steering units, and Hydraulic cylinders Induction and DC motors Motor pumps tel./fax: 0431/ 710 10 e-mail: info@raysystem.bg