TIHERT - your partner for Tooling and Custom Machined parts Design, manufacture and repair of Tooling: Injection molds; Dies; Rubber molds; Molds for casting of aluminum; Blow molds; Spare parts. Design, manufacture, repair, recycling and modernization of machines, non-standard equipment, units and aggregates: Eccentric and hydraulic presses; Machines for: assembly of parts; embossed seals (embossing) on rotary and flat surfaces and subsequent milling on relief (shaving); orientation and transportation of parts (feeders, elevators, conveyor belts, etc.); Stands for test of different devices, bases and accessories; Design, manufacture and assembly of systems and automation equipment of machines and technological processes. Design of controls with PLC and relay controls. Services: Machining: turning, milling, coordinate milling, grinding, locksmith's trade, lapping, polishing. EDM: wire EDM and sinker EDM. Design, assembly and repair of electro automatics; Technical measurements; Design of parts, units, aggregates, machines and tooling; Design of 3D models and CAM for CNC metalworking machines.