vekatech BULGARIAN EMS PARTNER Located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria - Vekatech Ltd. is an EMS company with 14 years of experience. Our goal is to offer competitive pricing and continuous quality improvement of EMS. Prototyping and production with the same technology 2SMT lines - 12,500 CPH IPC and 79, 300 CPH IPC 2 PTH lines Cable confection lines Selective Conformal Coating Materials and components procurement 100% automated traceability AOI inspection Functional, Electrical and In-Circuit Testing Solder mask design and production Mechanical Assembly Optimize your costs an Materials and Labor by using our flexible services and concentrate your investments in your code competencies! VEKATECH Ltd. 59 Sankt Peterburg BLvd. , 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria Tel.: +359 32/ 262 362, e-mailL