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Thomas Bachmann, GF Machining Solutions International SA: GF Machining Solutions provides a comprehensive portfolio that covers all market areas

Thomas Bachmann,
Head of Marketing Support,
GF Machining Solutions International SA

Dear Mr. Bachmann, what is the global marketing strategy of GF Machining Solutions based on?
The change of company name in the beginning of the last year was an important step. There are two reasons for the name change. While it is true that the name GF AgieCharmilles was very well known, it is generally only associated with EDM, in other words electrical discharge machining.

However, we wanted to find an umbrella under which to present our entire breadth to the customer - and that also includes our milling, laser and automation solutions. We therefore decided on the name GF Machining Solutions to cover all the areas. The names remain, however, as brands.

For example, all the milling machines will continue to be MIKRON machines, in the same way as the electrical discharge and laser machines will remain AgieCharmilles machines. Step-Tec spindles and System 3R tooling and automation solutions similarly retain their original names as brands.

The second reason for the change of name was that it sends a clear message from GF to the market. It is intended to reflect how Georg Fischer as a corporation is made up of three divisions: GF Piping Systems, GF Automotive, and GF Machining Solutions.

The quality of a machine is often not enough on its own to set it apart from the competition. The process and support are what make the difference. None of our competitors, for example, offers several technologies - milling, electrical discharge machining and laser - from a single source as we do. We have flexible 5-axis machining centers, high-precision electrical discharge machines and surface-structuring laser machines including our own automation solution - tailored to needs and true to our motto: "Machining Solutions for You".

What place does South-East Europe and Bulgaria in particular take in that strategy? How is your commercial structure in the region organized?
As the countries of Eastern Europe, especially Bulgaria, have opened up towards Europe, modern companies have emerged in their own right and with European support. The mechanical industry is showing strong growth in the process.

Expansion of the traditional series production to include tool and mould construction has become very apparent. Reliable manufacturing machines will be needed to support these altered requirements. With our specialists locally, we can support the customer in optimising processes and draw on the various technologies we have to offer.

Based in Switzerland and at 50 other locations worldwide, GF Machining Solutions is a strong international partner to customers.

Would you please tell us more about successful projects implemented with your participation in the Balkan region?
A typical success story for us is a Bulgarian company, located in Stara Zagora. In 2005 the company took the advantage to invest in a milling machine MIKRON VCP 800W Duro, built in our factory in Switzerland.

Since the customer is very satisfied with our product and services, he came back to us in 2012 with an inquiry for a portfolio of machines, including 5-axis milling machine and EDM machines. All machines were foreseen for the new tool shop of INTECHNA. We lost this contract. 3 different competitors delivered the technologies. Here we can proudly say that we have been the only supplier, who could supply the whole required package by INTECHNA from one hand.

The actual success for us is the coming back of INTECHNA to GF Machining Solutions last year. We supplied to the customer again a linear driven machine MIKRON HSM 500 LP, which is among the best products of MIKRON and one month ago we made a new deal for our high-end die sinking EDM machining AgieCharmilles FORM 300. Finally the customer decided to come back and go further with us, again.

GF Machining Solutions invites partners to Solution Days
GF Machining Solutions International invites its business partners to the open-house event Solution Days 2015, which will take place on April 16th - 17th in Losone, Switzerland. Under the motto "Improve your Productivity" the company will present its latest manufacturing and automation technologies, as well as the novelties in its die-sinking, milling, cutting, forming and drilling solutions portfolio. In addition a visit to the EDM die-sinking machines manufacturing plant will be organized.

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