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Serbian PKC Group commissioned a new production line

The Finnish manufacturer of electrical distribution systems for the vehicle industry PKC Group inaugurated a new technology line in its factory in the Serbian city of Smederevo. The start of its production is expected at the beginning of next year.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic who remarked that Serbia has made progress in the economic front as well as on the road to the EU.
Vucic added that the company that initially had a brownfield investment in Smederevo currently employs 890 full-time workers. By the end of 2016 their number is expected to increase to 1,500.

Vice President of the Board of Directors of PKC Group from Helsinki Robert Remenar pointed out that the company had to choose the best and most competitive production location if it wanted to meet the expectations of its customers. "PKC Group found qualified, dedicated and technically skilled workforce in Serbia, as well as transport infrastructure which will enable the efficient flow of goods, technical university base and a progressive political environment focused on improving business conditions, he said", the company representative added.

"The negotiations on EU membership are in progress, which is probably the most important factor that gives confidence to companies that Serbia has a safe, secure and functional business environment", Ambassador of Finland to Serbia Pertti Ikonen said.

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