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Southeast Europe's largest exhibition of gas equipment will take place in Croatia

One of the largest annual gas events in South-East Europe, the 31st International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals, will be held from 4th to 6th of May 2016 at the Congess Centre of the Grand Hotel Adriatic, Opatija, Croatia. The three-day international gas conference and exhibition is organized by the Croatian Gas Centre Ltd. and the Croatian Gas Association.

The event traditionally gathers around numerous renowned experts and managers from many companies, organizations and institutions in Croatian energy and gas industry. The organizers expect about 500 different experts to visit the exhibition this year, representing near 200 companies from 20 different countries.

The conference will cover a wide variety of topics, mainly the effect of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on gas and future energy and the new technological solutions for gas and energy industries, such as hybrid solutions and the use of renewable energy sources.

During the themed presentations the experts will also discuss the development of smart technologies for use in gas and energy systems, the development activities in the Republic of Croatia - for pipelines, compressor stations, gas storage facilities and the LNG Terminal, issues relating to gas meters and calibration equipment, the technical regulations and rules of the profession for safe and efficient use of gas, as well as the technical and economic issues relating to liquefied petroleum. Some speakers will also hold introductory speeches and panel discussions on the topic of gas supply in a liberal market economy.

A separate poster session will cover various other topics related to the gas and energy industry. The exhibitors are officially invited to register a scientific and professionals paper and/or round table on one of the gas topic mentioned.

The largest exhibition of gas equipment in Southeast Europe will take place following the conference. This event is expected to bring together more than 40 local and foreign exhibitors, mainly dealers of gas equipment and manufactures, but also many other renowned companies and companies already present in the gas market, claim the organizers.

"The International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals is an excellent opportunity for all participants in the gas market to commercially present their companies or organizations. It also serves as a unique place to establish contacts with key energy policymakers in Croatia, the leaders of prominent Croatian and European energy companies, producers and dealers of gas equipment, gas distributors and representatives of local and international research institutions," state the organizers from Croatian Gas Centre Ltd. and the Croatian Gas Association.

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