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SOUTH-EAST EUROPEAN INDUSTRIAL МARKET » South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2017, March
Macedonian steel and metal manufacturing

The production of basic metals in Macedonia and the country's metal-processing industry comprise a significant entity for providing basic and raw materials and an important, economically complementary and rounded technological branch. Official data of the Macedonian Metals Association reveals that the share of basic metals production (ferrous and nonferrous industry) in the industrial production volume was 9,16% in 2013. The sector also employed around 9% of the people working in this field.

Overall, the basic metals production in the Republic of Macedonia is comprised of complex technical and technological stems for production, modern equipment, and technologies used by various world-famous producers. This makes the sector significantly important and strategic for the country's economy.

Privatization processes within the industry have led to a series of re-structuring activities, including foreign investments in the production of cold-rolled, hot-rolled and coated sheets, ferroalloys, molds and pipes, steel reinforcements and other types of products. The country actively exports many products groups - most frequently ferronickel, ferrosilicon, silicomanganese, hot-rolled, cold-rolled and coated products - sheets, rolled wire, pipes, castings and molded products.

The greater part of the production (80%) is exported to the US and countries within the European Union, while the rest is exported to South East Europe, Taiwan, and other countries, concludes a report done by the Macedonian Metals Association.

Additionally, the country's Metalworking and Electrical Manufacturing Industry Association within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia has around 120 member companies, employing nearly 5000 people, writes the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.

The metal manufacturing sector has a number of capacities for advanced processing of basic metals. These include: different types of machines, tools and their parts; special tool machines - robots; devices that use solid fuels and burners; liquid pumps and spare parts for liquid pumps; steel constructions, bridges and their parts; process non-standard equipment for energy facilities, metallurgy, chemical industry, food industry and other industries; products for the building industry (steel framework networks, aluminium windows and doors, protective doors, wire products); devices for households, hotels and restaurants; telecommunications equipment; medical equipment and aids; energy equipment (different types of transformers, energy cables, solar energy collectors, panels, benches, racks, contactors and relays); starting lead batteries; transport equipment; different types of boilers - galvanized, enameled, made from stainless steel; spare parts for motor and railroad vehicles; machines and filtering devices for purifying liquids and gases, electronics and parts used in the automotive industry; equipment and spare parts for motor and railroad vehicles, other products; buses and additional devices attached to business vehicles.

Within the current issue of the South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market magazine is included an overview of the biggest foundries and companies operating on the market. The information is taken from their official websites and/or from official data provided by the country's Metalworking and Electrical Manufacturing Industry Association.

  • Pord Masinoproekt
  • IGM Trade
  • Aluminium and Zinc Foundry
  • LTH Learnica
  • RZ Institut
  • MZT Learnica
  • Zeleznik
  • Skopski Leguri
  • Teal

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