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SOUTH-EAST EUROPEAN INDUSTRIAL МARKET » South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2017, March
Bilim Pharmaceuticals

Founded in 1953, Bilim Pharmaceuticals is a 100% Turkish capital owned company that manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals. The company is 3rd among 300 corporations in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry according to data of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Turkey.

Bilim Pharmaceuticals carries out its production activities at two separate plants and owns the largest R&D center of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry with a laboratory area of 4500 square meters, where it develops new products. Exporting to 50 countries, Bilim Pharmaceuticals has representative offices in Moldova, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania.

"In a sensitive sector which is directly related to human health, Bilim Pharmaceuticals prioritizes quality and adopts respect towards future generations as a corporate value," explains the company.

Bilim Pharmaceuticals carries out its production activities at two separate plants in Cerkezkoy and Gebze which are designed in accordance with cGMP (current good manufacturing practices). The Bilim Cerkezkoy Beta Lactam antibiotics production plant is approved by the German Ministry of Health and has an indoor area of 9250 sqm. It has been in operation since 1998.

The construction of the second company plant, Bilim Gebze, had cost an investment worth EUR 120 million. With an indoor area of 51,500 sqm, it is the largest drug manufacturing plant in Turkey according to production forms. According to the company, Bilim Gebze accounts for 17% of the total production volume of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry with a manufacturing capacity of 250 million boxes per year and is one of Europe's largest facilities, designed and built according to American FDA standards.

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