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SOUTH-EAST EUROPEAN INDUSTRIAL МARKET » South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2018, September
KAM - 919

KAM - 919 was established in 1991 as a juridical identification ET (sole trader). In 1996 it was registered as Ltd and it is 100 % private property. KAM -919 Ltd is one of the first private companies in the Bulgarian branch of cellulose and paper production. Its headquarters are situated on the main Southern exit of district Komatevo (district Komatevo, Plovdiv), side road Sofia – Pamporovo near the biggest Market Place for fruits and vegetables in Southern Bulgaria – stock market Parvenetz.

The good geographical location and well-built transport infrastructure assists extremely well in attracting new customers, claims the company.

The company activity is situated on a main platform which is a total of 10,8 decares. 5,7 decares of that are occupied by production buildings, store buildings and an administrative building. The company uses its own funds for improving production, introducing new technology and increasing all staff qualifications. During 2016 there were 123 workers and employees in KAM - 919.

“The effective manufacture management and large machinery possibilities present us with an opportunity to manufacture 800/900 tons of pasteboard on average by month, and fulfill orders for 4/5 workdays,” states the company. If it is necessary, orders could be fulfilled for 24 hours, add representatives.

In the last years the company saw an increase of requests for high quality packages made of pasteboard and this facilitates sales of production. Therefore it continues improving and modernizing, implementing new systems, and increasing worker and management qualification with the help of specialized software.

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