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SOUTH-EAST EUROPEAN INDUSTRIAL ARKET » South-East European INDUSTRIAL arket - issue 2/2017, June

Giulicca was founded in 1997 and started its activity with the import of 100% polyester sewing thread from China. The company quickly positioned itself in the market as one of the leading importers and thread suppers.

With the widest selection of colours and supply possibility of all numerations and quantities directly from the  factory in China we are able to meet almost any demand of Serbian clients, say company representatives.

At the beginning of 2003, Giulicca expanded its thread assortment with polyester and viscous embroidery threads, and in 2006 started importing threads for leather, footwear and the furniture industry from the EU. The companys contacts in the textile industry and the market demand in 2004 were the reasons because of which Giulicca expanded its business to include the supply of textile products.

In the beginning it was only trading with ready-made textile products, but later on started manufacturing as well. Since it offers a wide range of products including work wear, advertising and medical clothing production lines, as well as manufacturing of products according to clients own design.

The companys main activities include: Import and wholesale of all thread types of textile; Leather and footwear as well as embroidery thread, manufacturing and trading with textile products.

Our main advantage on the market are our assortment of colors and numerations, sufficient quantity of goods at stock in Zemun-Beigrade, possibility of custom orders at better price, excellent value for the price, and good relationship with clients, adds the company.

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